Funeral Guide

A simple step by step guide to what you need to do after someone has passed away

Get a medical certificate from the hospital or GP

If the death has been reported to the coroner you will have to discuss arrangements with the coroner's office. If the cause of death is clear, the coroner will issue a certificate to state no investigation is required and you can proceed with burial arrangements.

Register the death with the medical certificate

Contact your local registration office and book a slot. Some will have arrangements for urgent appointments for religious reasons. Ensure you ask for the required documents to take with you to the appointment to minimise any potential delays.

Arrange the Funeral & Burial

Arrange for a Muslim Funeral Director to collect the deceased from hospital, arrange Washing, shrouding, Janazah Salah & transport to our burial ground. Select the burial plot of choice and purchase the burial plot. Book a burial service time slot. Our team members are available for all Muslim Funeral Directors and can assist with all arrangements required on site

Finances and Legal Support

Plots are available pre-need and can be paid for in advance, completely interest free. If you have not pre-bought a plot, and you require a plot for your loved one, we do have options for spread interest free payments for up to 12 months, to help ease the burden at your time of loss.

Bereavement Support

Loss effects everyone differently. If you need to discuss things in detail, or require further advice or support, please ask our team and we will be happy to help as much as we can, or can refer you to the correct support services available.

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